Bo Covid Appeal

Coronavirus is taking off in Sierra Leone sadly and on 18th May they had had 505 cases and 32 deaths, a figure which had doubled in a week; Bo itself has 22 cases and has had one death. They kept it at bay for over a month but are sadly now losing the battle.

With a very limited healthcare system and no welfare state the people, especially in Bo, are very vulnerable. During the e-bola lockdowns four years ago more people died from hunger and other medical problems than from the disease itself. We fear similar problems this time and want to help in Bo by sending sacks of rice to the poorest families including the unpaid staff at St Paul’s School.

We are therefore appealing for donations to buy sacks of rice. A 25kg sack costs £12 and will keep a small family alive for a month, a 50kg sack @ £22 a large family. As this appeal is being run by the church and the St Paul’s school committee, the money will be sent to the school but shared with the church. The school will arrange for the families of the sponsored children and the unpaid school staff to receive their share and the Mothers Union will take sacks to the poorest families that they are aware of. We did this during e-bola and it saved lives and was hugely appreciated. With your help we can do the same again and build our links with the school and local community.

All and only the money donated will go to the school. None will be taken for admin or expenses. Please help us to help them and offer them a safety net, however small. Regular updates on the amount raised will appear on these pages.

If you would like to donate please go to our donate page and scroll down to the gift aid and standing order forms. All the bank information needed is there. Cheques can be sent to the Secretary (address given) and should be made payable to WWPCC (charity a/c). Transfers should be referenced ‘Bo Covid Appeal’.

Many thanks, your are making a big difference.