The Covid Rice Appeal as at 26th June 2020

What a brilliant late flurry we have had as a result of the newsletter bringing the total with gift aid to just short of £6,000. A further £1,500 has gone out to Bo bringing the total now to £4,500, and hopefully we will soon have a further £1,500 to send in a weeks time. No further pictures but there will be more which I will post.

Covid 19 is still growing in Sierra Leone but relatively slowly. We worry about a serious outbreak in Bo where it could spread very fast, but to date the transmission rate remains under control and it is the lockdown which is causing the problems. Your donations of rice are keeping many families from serious hunger and are enabling them to ride the storm until the restrictions are relaxed.

The school has reopened its gates to take JSS 3 to prepare it for its BECE exams, the equivalent of our GCSEs, a school certificate. Those who pass will be eligible to go on to senior secondary school, SSS, which is like our 6th form college. We wish the school a safe reopening and the children successful exams.

We hope, along with Headteacher Cecil Williams, that the school will reopen fully in October as it normally would, but as yet there is no indication on this. Coronavirus cases are still increasing slowly although the lockdown measures generally are having the desired effect.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.