Letters to Pupils

Penelope & Rod Sharman took 39 letters from sponsors out to St Paul’s when they went in early December. They were only very briefly in Bo but managed to pick up 200 Christmas cards. The cards are a nice reminder of your sponsored children and the school made a lot of effort to produce them, but sadly due to lack of time it was impossible to get personal cards in return. This will be remedied in March when Rod & Penelope return, this time they will spend a week in Bo conducting a conference for primary school head-teachers from the Bo district. This should give time for the sponsored children to write in return so, if you would like contact, please get letters to the Secretary, 3 Elmstead Gdns, West Wittering, Chichester, PO20 8NG; by 1st March 2018, and hopefully you will get a letter in return.

We are trying to arrange for a liaison officer out there from the school who can send us more information and pictures about the children and their activities. We had arranged for someone to do it last time we visited in Nov ’16, but the person they nominated failed to produce anything. It was very disappointing but hopefully this year we will get a better system going.

Sadly letters by post rarely get through if at all. They do not use the postal system out there as it fell apart during the war which ended some 18 years ago, and technology has filled the gap it left so it is unlikely to be revived.