A Taste of Spain Fundraiser Success

While the gales raged outside in the middle of the British summer, 75 revelers gathered in tropical heat around Jill’s swimming pool awaiting the delights of Linda’s Paella.

IMG_7839                      IMG_7832

They were not disappointed, it was delicious, and anyway they had lots of Sangria to keep them going and could peruse over 30 prizes in Clive’s raffle which raised over £300.

IMG_7834                       IMG_7835

Altogether £1,704, including many donations, was raised for St. Paul’s School Bo, Sierra Leone and 7 new sponsorships followed. What a difference it will make to the lives of some of the world’s poorest children and give them a chance in life.

It was a great occasion and a fantastic atmosphere and we all look forward to enjoying something similar next summer, whilst thanking all who came for their gifts and bonhomie, and all who ran the event for their amazing teamwork, effort and generosity.