Call My Bluff

do you know your Sauvignon from your Syrah or your Bordeaux from your Beaujolais? Some might but most of us didn’t even care after a few sips, because this was the wine-tasting version of Call My Bluff and the team of liars made them all sound very convincing, and what a way to get a party going, or even finish it for some!

the organisation was brilliant, the food delicious, the team very amusing, the wine really tasty, the raffle amazing, the auction of Emma & Paul’s generously given time hilarious and the atmosphere perfect with the Memorial Hall full of lovely happy generous people for our latest fundraiser last Saturday evening the 20th May; and £2,130 was raised for St Paul’s School. What a difference that will make in a place and amongst a people who in many many cases have absolutely nothing.

The pictures below give a taste of the fun being enjoyed, but cannot begin to describe the atmoshpere.