The David Baker Hall

The David Baker Memorial Hall was built from donations from supporters in 2012. On our recent visit we found it to be in a usable but rather dilapidated state. The roof had leaks and bits of the ceiling were coming away. The idea of the hall was not just to be used for school purposes (exams, plays, assemblies etc) but by the community as a facility the school could rent out and make a bit of extra money from. This would have been impossible and at a meeting arranged with the Community & Teachers Association (CTA), their version of our PTA, they and the head were asked to support the use of the hall by the community for the benefit of both it and the hall. We agreed to fund the renovation if the community did the work. We have since sent £700 to fix the leaks in the roof and the ceiling, and to repaint the hall which the CTA themselves have agreed to undertake, and then make use of.

a play in the Hall
the David Baker Hall

It is a superb and very large hall and should provide a good income for the school. Head Cecil has promised to oversee this. It is very much in the school’s interests.