Veronica Buckets

Veronica Buckets are what they use in Sierra Leone when lots of people need to wash their hands for hygiene reasons.

Veronica Buckets outside the Head’s office

In a country where almost nobody has running water you have to improvise. They do have a tap at St Paul’s School as we paid for a pump and water tower so they could have some running water, but it is insufficient for 1,600 children and 50 teachers, so they fill the Veronica buckets and add chlorine and every child and staff member has to wash their hands before they enter the school.

We have sent head teacher Cecil £150 to buy 21 of them, but he could only get four as there had been the inevitable rush when Corona Virus first reared its ugly head. Hopefully soon he will be able to get the rest that he needs.

The practice was used successfully during the E-bola epidemic four years ago. Sadly they did not store the buckets they had then for future use.