We are holding an Art Sale to raise funds for a library for the Senior Secondary School. You may think libraries are out of date in this digital age, but it hasn’t reached Bo yet. With no electricity and no broadband, and most folk not having access to a computer anyway, a library is essential.

The paintings are by local professional artist Helen Blackburne who sadly passed away last year and left the paintings to her daughter Fran who has very generously offered them to be sold to raise money for the library. There are c.60 oils and water colours some framed, and they will be sold in the WW Memorial Hall (Jubilee Room) over the weekend of 27-29 September. There will be a viewing reception on the Friday evening and you can also meet the Bo committee and chat about the charity over bubbles and nibbles. A poster is attached.

The Sale Room is also open on Sat 10 am – 5.00 pm and Sunday 10 am – 4 pm. Prices start at around £30. Please come and have a look and help raise some money to complete the senior secondary school and give the children the best education we can. This is the first of four specialist classrooms we will be equipping in the school over the coming months if not years. The others are a Domestic Science Room, a Science Laboratory, and a Computer Room.

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